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Our focus is ensuring that we help our clients create & record their best music possible.   We strive to achieve that goal in a comfortable and relaxed setting that fosters creativity & collaboration.  Our goal is the same as yours:   Make Your Music Great!!!

We are proud to share the feedback of our clients below:

"Ron is one of the most hardworking, humble, and creative people I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  SnareBuzz studios is an amazing studio with outstanding people there to help you."

Dana Catherine

"Ron Brashear of SnareBuzz Studios helped me make a masterpiece of an album... there is no one else out there who works as hard to achieve, not just a great sound, but a soul-satisfying experience.”

Kandis Florian

"...the drum tones here are simply some of the best that we have heard during our two-decade tenure at RECORDING Magazine.”

Marty Peters
Recording Magazine Dec 2016 Spotlight

"Ron is a gifted musician/engineer/communicator who is wonderful to work with. He creates a relaxed,comfortable environment that puts the artist completely at ease. Great experience !!!"

Eddie Berman

"Ron is genius. He took the time to understand the feel of what I was trying to capture musically before diving into recording. He has spent an overwhelming amount of time and energy into developing my music into something I am proud to share with others and happy to call my own."

Emily Pate