World Class Recording Gear for Your Project

Our studio has hand selected each piece of analog and digital equipment with a simple goal: To maximize the quality of your projects. Our selection of microphones and preamps, along with 16 track simultaneous recording capability, provide ample flexibility to tailor the session just for you.  We are heavily invested in high quality D/A converters, and feature analog summing.  All this translates to top level recordings and mixes.  The custom acoustic treatments, and state of the art monitors in our control room mean that when it sounds great here, it sounds great everywhere.

We get world-class drum tones at SnareBuzz Studios and we’ve been recognized for this in Recording Magazine!   How you might ask?   We have Brady kits in our studio which are always tuned and ready to roar.   We also have a selection of new & vintage cymbals as well!

Check out a few of our favorite pieces of gear in the gallery.  A more comprehensive gear list is also included below.

Gear Gallery

Studio Desk

Electronaut M63

Neumann TLM 49

Barefoot MM45

Brady Kit

Great River Mixmaster

Brady Kit 2

Wall of Snares


Neumann TLM 49
Neumann TLM 103
Shure SM 81 (stereo pair)
Shure SM  57
Share Beta 98 (x4)
Shure Beta 52
Audix D6

Microphone Preamps

Electroanut M63 Stereo Tube
Great River Preamps  (x4)
Neve Clone Preamps (x 2)
SM Pro Audio Utility (x8)

AD/DA Conversion

Apogee Symphony
Capable of recording 16 tracks simultaneously
16 Analog In / 16 Analog Out


Barefoot MM45

Audio Technica ATH M50 (x2)
AKG (several models)

Analog Summing

Great River Mixmaster 

An incredible analog summing mixer that provides transformer goodness across up to 20 channels of mixing.    The Mixmaster is the best sounding analog mixing solution we’ve heard and we had to purchase one as soon as we heard the results.  We’re pretty sure you’ll hear them too!

DAW & Plugins

Logic Pro X

Universal Audio UAD2
Slate Digital
Superior Drummer


Brady Jarrah Ply Kit
10, 12, 14, 16, 22” kick

Brady Jarray Ply Kit 2
10, 12, 14, 16, 20 & 22” kick

Brady Snares 
Dunnett Snares

Bosphorus Cymbals
Vintage Zildjian Cymbals

Other Instruments

Yamaha Acoustic 12 String
Yamaha Classical 6 String

Roland FP5 Digital Piano
88 weighted keys & MIDI