From Singing at Home to Record Label Signing

I like to share Dana’s story because it’s a story of the type of success that so many singer/songwriters aspire to, but simply do not think is possible.  

Dana was a member of my home church in Wake Forest NC, and while we both attended the church for years, I had never met her prior to November 2014.   Our Pastor, Father Philip Tighe knew of my love of music & recording and asked me if I knew Dana and her family and after conveying that I did not, he encouraged me to introduce myself.   I did what I think most people would do…I thought that was an interesting idea, but simply didn’t act on it.  

Father Tighe is a pretty persistant figure, as most of his parish will know, and he continued asking me & every so often and encouraging me to take the time to introduce myself.  So finally after mass one Sunday morning, I took the time….one of the best decisions I have ever taken!

After meeting Dana, I invited her and her family to my studio to record a single song..just to see how that’d go.   About 10 months later, we were launching Dana’s debut CD “Glorious Horizons”.  

Dana did exactly the right thing once she launched her CD…she performed, she attended conferences, she promoted her music…and that payed dividends.   She was recognized at a major Conference by an Independent Record label:  REKINDLE Records, who offered her a record deal.    They have gone on to release a single “My Savior & Me” and she is working on album #2 with that label as I type.

Since the release of “Glorious Horizons”, Dana has been featured in radio interviews, in publications, and continues to be invited to speak & perform her music.

SnareBuzz Studios is so proud to have been part of Dana’s Story & her success.  Helping artists like her share their message is what we’re all about.

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